Why Buy a Bespoke Suit?

by HongKongTailors.org on 06/19/2013 - 09:35 am
Categories: Guide to Finding a Tailor, Mens Fashion

Thinking of buying a bespoke suit, but having second thoughts? Then, here are some factors on why you need to own a bespoke suit:

One of the advantages why people buy a bespoke suit instead of having a ready-to-wear suit is that it will get you the best possible fit based on your own measurements, and this will be guaranteed through multiple fittings.
Most of the time, stitching is done by hand with a very high quality materials used.
You’ll have the power to choose on a variety of materials to use like fabrics, buttons, threads and even the color you prefer for the fabric of your choice.
Another advantage of buying a bespoke suit is having the freedom to discuss to the master ta ...

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5 Things to Consider When Looking for...

by HongKongTailors.org on 06/19/2013 - 11:11 am
Category: Guide to Finding a Tailor

When looking for a good custom tailor, it is important to consider a few things as you have your own clothing items. Not only that you’ll have a reliable tailor when having some problems with your custom made clothes but you’ll also be sure that you’re getting your money’s worth. So, what are the things to look for when getting a good custom tailor?
First and foremost, looking for a good tailor should start by asking other people such as your friends and colleagues whom you think are sharp-looking dressers. Once you have your list of recommended tailors, start doing some inquiry. Following are five things to consider when looking for a good custom tailor.
&n ...

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Tips for Finding the Best Tailors in ...

by HongKongTailors.org on 06/19/2013 - 07:40 am
Category: Guide to Finding a Tailor

There are many popular tailors in Hong Kong. Actors, sports figures, royalty and politicians from all over the world have obtained the assistance of these individuals to acquire attire for important events. The garment that they create and the skills they use make them highly in-demand.

Most tailors have comprehensive online platforms that allow people to learn more about the goods they produce and their work processes. Prospective clients can visit individual sites to learn about the histories of different tailors as well as the services and products that they are most known for. You can use these resource to determine which professional you want to use when you reach this destination. ...

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How to Select a Fabric for a Custom T...

by HongKongTailors.org on 06/19/2013 - 01:09 pm
Category: Fabric Essentials

The best suit is one made from a custom bespoke tailor. A custom bespoke tailor designs a suit according to your specific measurements for a perfect fit, and allows you to choose the cut and fabric to reflect your personal style. Fabric is one of the most important elements of a suit. The right fabric looks good and feels great. Choose a fabric that looks nice, feels nice and wears well.  WoolWool is the most common suit fabric. It looks nice, is durable, comfortable, breathable, and is available in different textures and thicknesses for cold and hot weather areas. Wool comes in two different divisions: woolens and worsteds.Woolens and WorstedsWoolens are loosely woven, creating a fabri ...

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